Private Equity

The aim of the private equity team is to identify the company which require equity funding have high quality business and strong management. Our pool of investors for private equity comes with an investment for diversified portfolio which gives us the strength to focus on various sector.

GDCL aims to work imaginatively and constructively to ensure that clients' commercial objectives are met within the relevant legal context. It believes that its commitment to the clients does not stop at the conclusion of a transaction, as result we regularly advise clients on post-investment operations as well.

The Private Equity team is well equipped to handle the deals and some of the functions carried out by the team under private equity are:

  • Arrange Funding for the clients
  • Formulating business plan and the business strategy.
  • Performing due-diligence 
  • Screening for and making investments
  • Preparing the offer documents 
  • Providing legal and institutional support 
  • Assist to meet regulatory requirements 
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring
  • Exit strategy

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