Portfolio & Wealth Management Service

Green Delta Capital Limited (GDCL) has a strong view in the capital market and an expert understanding of what’s driving investment trends for its valued clients with an aim to maximize the return with an acceptable manner.  Over the years, it has gathered the experience to act as a Portfolio Manager backed by for both individual as well as institutional investors through its dedicated Relationship Managers along with prudent Research team

Our Schemes:

Our Portfolio & Wealth Management Services offers professional management of the stock market investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. It relieves the investors from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors. Investors can avail our services through:

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Scheme
  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Scheme

These two schemes are designed to make differences since we prefer investor’s flexibility and choice while making investment decision.

Core Product:

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