We offer non-discretionary portfolio management service for those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments. Investors can avail our non- discretionary service through GDMTF (Green Delta Margin Trade Funding) & GDCASH.

GDMTF is a unique portfolio scheme that has been designed for the individual as well as institutional client(s) to help them construct their portfolio for return maximization. Through this scheme, investors can avail Margin Loan facilities along with a competitive interest rate and loan ratio.   

Features of GDMTF

  • GDMTF Clients shall have absolute discretionary power to make investment decision, the Portfolio Manager, shall provide all support for efficient execution of trades.
  • Clients will be allowed to invest only in the selected carefully and approved by the Portfolio Manager.
  • Collecting dividend and bonus shares on behalf of clients.
  • Subscription of the rights issues.
  • Keeping the securities in safe custody.
  • All the securities purchased for the Clients shall remain in lien in favor of the Portfolio Manager.
  • The Clients will have access to the various research materials on market, industry and companies prepared by the independent research team of the Portfolio Manager.
  • Investment in GDMTF will be considered allowable investment for obtaining tax, rebate. Additionally, capital gains from investments are currently completely tax-exempt.
  • Daily portfolio statements will be provided through e-mail.
  • Facilities of order submission through e-mail, sms and fax.


GDMTF Product Feature


Level of investment required      :               BDT 1,00,000/-

Accounting Opening Fee            :               BDT 500

Documentation charge               :               BDT 1500

Account renewal Fee                  :               BDT 500

Transactional Fee/ Broker fee    :               0.40%

Availability of Margin                   :               Unconditional as per BSEC directives

Margin interest                            :               17.25%

Management Fee                       :               1.5%


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