Equity Origination

Equity Origination team provides one stop services to raise the funds for its valued clients from the capital markets in Bangladesh through Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering, Rights Issue and Preferred Stocks. The team consists of expertise in the field of equity capital market and delivers equity transaction fairly and effectively provides

 The team focuses on originating, structuring and executing equity financing deals including:

Some of the activities under the mentioned function are:

IPO & RPO Management

  • Valuation of the Issuer Company using various financial valuation models.
  • Preparation of Prospectus with the assistance of the Company and professional legal and financial advisors/auditors
  • Carry out the Due diligence, evaluation and assessment of material agreements.
  • Appointment and coordinate with the professional & regulatory bodies.
  • Showcasing the company to the right investors.
  • Coordinate with Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) for application of the prospectus and getting the consent.
  • Coordinate with the Financial Institutions and the underwriters.
  • Organize the signing ceremony for deal closing.


Right Issue Management

The activities undertaken for right issue are as follow

  • Review of the financial position of the company to evaluate the respective structure of the issuer company and identify the demand potential in the market.
  • Advice on the timing of the offering with the assessment of the capital structure.
  • Carry out the due diligence of the company and develop the transaction and implementation strategy.
  • Prepare a comprehensive Information Memorandum as per the business plan of the issuer.
  • Valuation of the Issuer Company using various financial valuation models.
  • Coordinate all sort of activities with the regulatory body and other stakeholders to complete the issue management.

Under Writing

  • Arrange the under righting for the IPO, RPO and Right Issue Management.

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