Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

In Green Delta Capital Limited we understand that people at all level has the aspiration to grow their wealth to ensure a better future for themselves and their family. What these individual needs is a platform through which they can plan and execute to achieve their dreams.

With this in mind GDCL have launched its discretionary product through which a client can entrust his investments to one of our professionals who on behalf of client will carry out his investment making decision in the capital market. Once a client is enrolled as an investor, that client will experience the following:

  1. Personal Portfolio Manager: Once you enroll into GD Perform Max you will be assigned an experienced Portfolio Manager. This Portfolio Manager has the knowledge and the experience to introduce to you the vast investment options in the capital market which rightly fits your criteria.
  2. Financial Planning: In GDCL we understand that no one person is the same and that every individual has different requirement and aspiration even at the same income level. As a result at the beginning our portfolio Manager will have one on one session with the client to understand the requirement, aspiration and the risk taking ability of the client. Later this will be the guiding principle for constructing the portfolio for the client.
  3. State of the Art Technology: In a relatively complex capital market which is growing along with the economy, if an investor wants to extract the benefits out of it then he has to have access to technology which gives him the edge from others. That’s why Green Delta Capital has invested heavily on technology has implemented the software which is one of its kind in the Bangladesh market. The software not only enables the investor to manage his portfolio but also gives him the tools to do complex analysis and take decision prior to making investments.
  4. Service Centre: In GDCL even after the trading hour our client can call us as many times as he wants and can place as many query as he wants. As an investor we feel it is our responsibility that we meet all of our clients’ expectations and give the service to meet their requirement.

With all these the two Discretionary products that GDCL has offered are:

  • GD Perform Max
  • GD Planner

 GD Perform Max:

GD Perform-Max scheme is a Discretionary Product to utilize the fund of risk taker who likes to invest in Equity market particularly in the high growth stocks to earn more. We invest in stocks with High Growth and Strong Fundamental to diversify the portfolio with the maximization of profit principle.


Product Feature of GD Perform Max:

Years of Holding

1 year

Minimum Investment Amount


Performance fee (On portfolio return)

60% and above


40% to 60%


30% to 40%


20% to 30%


10% to 20%


0% to 10%


Management fee


Transactional Fee/ Broker fee


Account Opening Fee (one off)

BDT 500

Documentation charge

BDT 1500

Other charge (CDBL charge)

BDT 500

Termination Fee (On the total amount)

Within six month


Between six month to one year


Pre-matured Withdrawal Charge (On the total amount)

Within six month


Between six month to one year



GD Planner:

GD Planner is a discretionary portfolio management product designed for our small investor. GD Planner contains deposit of small amount with in a regular interval & let your savings grow with GDCL (Green Delta Capital Limited). As fund manager, GDCL will follow a disciplined and structured investment process, and reduce the risk of market volatility.

Why GD Planner?

  • High expected return or Return expected to be higher than the existing bank deposit rate. (Indicative)
  • Cost averaging over a long time horizon
  • Investment opportunity with a small amount
  • Electronic Fund transfer to minimize physical presence.
  • A better hedge against inflation
  • Blue Chip stocks provide greater liquidity
  • Flexible investment facilities aligned with income
  • Tax rebate on total investment and tax exemption for capital gain
  • Portfolio and transaction report on quarterly basis.
  • Opportunity of charge free extension of scheme tenure, extend the scheme tenure or conversion of fund into any other product of GDCL after maturity.
  • Accidental death and disability insurance coverage up to BDT 1 lac per year (optional)


  • Minimum deposit of A. BDT 3,000 B. BDT 5,000 C. BDT 10,000
  • Deposited amount will be invested in blue chip shares/mutual funds/fixed income/bond/commercial paper
  • Investment offered in tenures of 3, 5 and 10 years
  • Investment recommendation backed by fundamental and technical analysis
  • Anyone can deposit multiple time within a month but at least one time within 15th of a month to continue savings scheme
  • Deposit may be paid by deposit slip or through BEFTN


Fees and Charges:




Target Group

All level of Investors who wants to maintain an investment with the vision of long term investment.

Years of Holding

Minimum 3 years

Investment Amount

Any amount starting from BDT 3000

Account Opening Fee

BDT 500

Management fee

1.5 % yearly on Asset Under Management (AUM)

Transactional Fee/ Broker fee


Documentation charge

No Fees


No Fees

Payment Due Date

7th of the month

Yearly Account renewal Fees

BDT 50

Insurance Premium and Coverage

Free for First year (next year BDT 74 for each account)

Termination/Withdrawal before maturity

(For the early settlement investment money will be back at the market value of the investment, where there could be loss or profit)


Below 1 year termination/withdrawal fee

5% on total withdrawal amount

After 1 year termination/withdrawal fee

1% on total withdrawal amount


Required Documents

  • 2 Passport Size Photograph of Applicant (Applicant’s signature and name in block letter)
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph of Nominee (Attested by the Applicant)
  • Photocopy of National ID (Applicant and Nominee). In case the nominee is minor, a document of guardian must be provided by the applicant
  • If National ID is not available, Photocopy of Passport/Driving License/Nationality Certificate with attested photo and Bank Certificate needs to be provided
  • Bank Statement/Bank Certificate
  • Photocopy of Employee ID Card/Letter of Introduction from Employer/Visiting Card/Approval of Operational Head (if Applicant is a service holder)
  • Trade License (if Applicant is a business person)
  • 12 Digit Tin Certificate (Optional)
  • If Applicant is Housewife and does not have own income source, then the following documents are required to verify the source of fund:
  • National ID of Husband
  • Photocopy of Employee ID Card/Letter of Introduction from Employer/Visiting Card/Approval of Operational Head (if Husband is a service holder)
  • Trade License (if Husband is a business person) 
  • If the applicant is Retired Person, then the following document is required to verify the source of fund:
  • Release Letter/Employee ID Card/Visiting Card from the last employer


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