Managing Director & CEO’S MESSAGE

In 2017, the economy of Bangladesh has seen emerging growth. The GDP growth of Bangladesh has accelerated to 7.28 percent. With this huge GDP growth, Bangladesh is all set to become a middle-income country by the year 2021.


In line with the economic growth of Bangladesh, Green Delta Capital Limited has grown tremendously since its inception in 2011.Over the last 6 years, we have become one of the fastest growing Investment Bank in Bangladesh



Impact Investment Banking

Since inception, Green Delta Capital Limited (GDCL) has been working relentlessly to improve the Socio Economic prospects of the people and the society. We helped and assist our clients to generate more than 2,500 employments through our Corporate Finance activities for raising funds for the expansion of the clients project in various thrust sectors.  Our Due Diligence process ensure the positive environmental impact as well as sustainability of the business.


Strategic progress

In the year 2017, we have continued to make excellent progress in registering a sustainable progress for our shareholders, our customers, our communities and ourselves to complement our tagline “Intelligence at work”.  We have established GDCL as a one stop customized investment banking solutions provider for you. 


We are pleased to inform you that our footprint is now not only in Bangladesh but also in Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka. We have extended our corporate advisory services to regional markets, which makes us a unique Investment Bank based out of Bangladesh.  


Milestone deal under M&A

GDCL has made a significant achievement by providing corporate advisory services to obtain equity approval of USD 20 Million from Central Bank of Bangladesh and debt arrangement of USD 48 Million from the global markets for acquisition of Robin group by Akij Group Bangladesh. This deal has been set as one of the key historical deal in the country. 


This is the 1st Cross Border M&A deal in Bangladesh where Green Delta capital Limited was the sole exclusive mandated lead arranger for the debt side and sole advisor to the transaction where Akij Jute Mills Limited acquired Robin Resources and Robina Flooring, leading MDF & Flooring Manufacturing companies in Malaysia. GDCL was also appointed as the appraiser of the target company in Malaysia. This milestone provided an ideal opportunity to launch a new distinctive brand identity to reinforce GDCL’s vision, values, culture and reputation, and with which to herald the start of a new chapter in the Company’s growth sustainability and Country’s investment banking ecosystem.


In the year 2017, We were involved in 56% of the transactions through our Corporate Investment Banking wing and 11% through our retail Investment Banking and 33% through our own Investment portfolio respectively. We have achieved 26% growth in our own investment portfolio compared to 2016. GDCL has built a reputation for expertise in identifying the right opportunities, and the ability to act nimbly to grasp them. Our Corporate Investment Banking Team performed vigorously to make their presence visible in the local market and also the global market by grasping the right opportunity.


Financing Statement

The year 2017 has been an eventful year for Green Delta Capital Limited as we have achieved some major milestone in the history of the company. In terms of growth in revenue, operating profit, profit before tax and profit after tax, we have created the industry benchmark. GDCL is now playing a vital role in ensuring a sustainable Investment Banking ecosystem by putting emphasis on meeting clients’ needs and at the same time emphasising on steady & sustainable company profitability.  


In the year 2017, we have achieved our financial targets as we have in all previous years. Our company realised a net profit of BDT 21.71 million with key financial metrics remaining strong. There was positive operating profit growth of 11.66% compare to the previous year. Our ROI was 12.50% with a positive growth of 10.82%.

We have continued to maintain a strong Balance Sheet. The total Assets of the Company stood BDT 314.88 million.


Innovative proficiency in local and foreign deal

GDCL has strong footprint in Bangladesh market to execute large debt & equity deals in various sectors including Infrastructure, RMG, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Power & Energy, Manufacturing, etc. By 2017, we have raised more than USD 887 million as debt and equity from global markets as well as local market. We have proven track record of arranging, structuring and executing large scale Foreign Loan Syndication with an experienced Investment Banking Team at our disposal.


New Steps and Initiatives

One of our prime objectives is “Branding Bangladesh” in the Global market. We showcase Bangladesh as a “Rising Star” in the global stage. GDCL has always maintained a strong relationship with various foreign investors, our distribution channel includes Europe, Middle east, Asia, USA, Canada, Australia etc. In the year 2017, we have signed a MOU with The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), the private sector arm of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group to facilitate development in Bangladesh. This MOU between GDCL and ICD is again a milestone for GDCL as well as for the country where our strong collaboration and friendship will address the significant financial needs in Bangladesh for the private sector. This will bring a more profound business model in line with the national goal to be a ‘Middle Income Country’ by 2021.


During the year, we explored avenues to extract new business opportunities in the SAARC countries. We have successfully planted our foot in Nepal and Sri Lankan market in various sectors such as Hydro Power, Wind Power, Tourism & Hospitality Sector etc. We believe that in the coming year, we will be able to achieve successful milestones from these opportunities in SAARC regional market.


Cutting Edge Expertise of Portfolio Management Team

GDCL’s retail wing, portfolio management team, has also performed exceedingly well throughout the year 2017. With a stable Capital Market, the retail team is expected to perform even better to achieve a sustainable growth.


The team is committed & equipped to set forth a strong client base by providing global standard investment analysis solution for its valued clients. In the year 2017, the company signed a significant number of new clients with enormous market presence. They have contributed heavily to the bottom-line profit of the company through own investments in the capital market.


The Portfolio team is supported by a very capable research team that ensures portfolio investments of our clients see maximum return with minimum levels of risks. Research team is responsible to report on Bangladesh capital market every day, which is also published in the Financial Express, the leading financial newspaper of Bangladesh and are in the talks with a few more newspaper dailies to publish their research on Bangladesh Capital Markets. We are proud that our unique research team contributes to the net revenue through such publications as well as earns goodwill for the company.


Looking ahead

We believe that in order to sustain the long-term growth of the business, we need to continuously develop and enhance capabilities of our colleagues. Currently, the company has a comprehensive team to work in a competitive industry to achieve the company goals of ensuring corporate culture, stronger risk management tools and techniques, business policy, brand reputation and continuous development of diversified range of customized investment banking products & services to accomplish rapid growth.


Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, where Government of Bangladesh is promoting the development of infrastructure to attain the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) by 2030. Bangladesh economy has surpassed the 7% growth mark for consecutive years, and is expected to grow rapidly in line with investment friendly environment in the coming years. In addition, the Capital Market has recovered and has a bullish environment which is forecasted to continue like this for the next couple of years at least. GDCL is therefore, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growing economy and capital markets to look forward to yet another glorious year in 2018. We are confident that by the grace of Almighty Allah’s, GDCL will not only continue its sustainable growth but will emerge stronger than ever.